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PAC - Updates

 2023-04-15 12:04:53

Pious Association for Children (PAC)

  • Monthly meeting

The PAC monthly session of March for the academic year 2022-2023 was held on 12th March from 1.30PM –2.30PM over zoom platform. The session was based on the Holy sprit gift- Knowledge

  • Leaders Meet

The leaders from our parish actively participated in the Eparchy level leaders meet held on 14 January 2023 from 11.30 AM-1.30PM.

  • Parish level Animator meeting

The parish level animators’ meeting was held on 16 January 2023 from 8.30PM onwards via Zoom platform. Rev. Sr. Cini, CMC presided over the meeting. The upcoming Parish level PAC activities especially the Lenten activities 2023 have been discussed. The activities need to be finalized

  • Feast Day Wishes

The PAC animators from our parish prayerfully participated in the Eparchy level Lenten retreat held on March 11 2023. Our PAC team offerred 1600 Hail Mary towards the spiritual bouquet for His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil who celebrated his feast on 19th March. The PAC team offerred 3300 Hail Mary and presented a spiritual bouquet to our beloved pastor Rev. Fr. Jose Alencherry who celebrated his feast on 19th March.