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SMYM & Jesus Youth


Syro  Malabar  Youth  Movement

 (SMYM) is the official youth organi- zation of the Syro Malabar Church. SMYM–  Canada  was  officially  in- augurated  on  October  1,  2016,  by Bishop  Mar  Jose  Kalluvelil,  in  the presence  of  His  Excellency  Luigi Bonazzi,  Apostolic  Nuncio  to  Can- ada.  The  members  of  the  youth movement  range  from  the  age  of 14  to  30.  SMYM  champions  and lives  out  its  mission  to  follow  the tradition  and  beliefs  of  the  Syro Malabar  Church  for  the  Kingdom of God and Society. It strives for the integral development of the youth and  binds  together  the  youth  of the  Syro  Malabar  Church.  Over the  years,  the  youth  movement has  hosted  various  programmers and  activities  in  the  parish,  such as camps, picnics, retreats, leader- ship training, and conferences, for the  holistic  development  of  youth aligning  its  members  with  the  re- ligious  and  social  causes  of  the Church.

Jesus Youth

Jesus  Youth  strives  to  lead  people,  especially  the  youth,  to  a  renewed  life  in  Christ,  assists  them in  their  growth  in  holiness,  and prepares  them  for  the  apostolate in communion with the mission of the Church. For the past couple of years,  Jesus  Youth  Teens  Ministry has  been  active  in  ministering  to the  teens  (Grade  7  -  Grade  12)  of the St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Ca- thedral.  With  the  support  of  our beloved  priests  and  sisters,  Jesus Youth  has  been  consistently  conducting  weekly  prayer  meetings along  with  few  larger-scale  pro- grams  every  year.  Ultimately,  the goal  of  this  ministry  has  always been  to  share  the  love  of  Jesus Christ  and  to  empower  the  youth of  the  church  to  do  the  same in their  respective  families,  schools, and friend circles.

Jesus Youth has helped foster a culture  of  praise  and  worship  in  the hearts  of  our  youth,  and  through the  guidance  of  the  Elders  of  the Jesus  Youth  Teens  ministry,  has been instrumental in encouraging the  teens  to  grow  spiritually  and to step out of their comfort zone to nurture their God-given gifts such as  music,  leadership  and  public speaking.