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Safe environment

Safe Environment


February 2017 Safe Environment program was started in our Cathedral under the leadership of Rev.Fr. Sebastian Arikatt. We had received initial training and all necessary documents from Archdiocese of Toronto. 5 Members from our cathedral attended the orientation program at St. Basil’s church in Toronto.

Volunteer Screening Initiative
This is a program designed to create, maintain and promote a safe environment for all those to whom we minister, to support parish volunteers and preserve their safety, integrity and reputation as well as to ensure that we fulfill our duty and obligations as a caring faith community

Strengthening the Caring Community Volunteer Screening Program is a process designed to create and maintain a safe environment within all parishes Missions as well as the offices and departments within the Eparchy of Mississauga. This process involves identifying any volunteer ministry position, which could put children, youth or other vulnerable persons at risk of being harmed. The goal at all times is the protection and safety of our vulnerable people, our volunteers, our paid staff, and our Church.  Strengthening the Caring Community is not only the right thing to do but it is legally required under the concept of “Duty of Care”. Duty of Care is a legal principle that identifies the obligations of individuals and organizations to take reasonable measures to care for and protect those who participate in their programs.

In our Cathedral we follow the policies and procedures implemented by Eparchy of Mississauga.  At present, we have the following committee members - Archie David,  Alphonsa David,  Manesh George, Joby Paramby , Saji George and Thresiamma Johnson