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Pious Association

Pious Associations for Children (PAC)

The  Pious  Associations for  Children was inaugurated in  October 2018  through an announcement in the Bishop’s circular and thereafter introduced the animators for  St.  Alphonsa  Cathedral.  The Pious Associations had begun with a  vision for children  “to become mature adults of faith and  Godly Character”  and includes all children from JK till Grade 8.

 There are 3 associations under PAC:-

1.  ‘Jesus  Kids’  is a  Pious  Association targeting children in  JK  and SK and introduces the love of Jesus to children and helps them to love Him.

 2. ‘The Holy Childhood Association’ is for the grades, 1-3 students. The main purposes of the  Holy  Childhood Association are to encourage prayer and to grow together in Je- sus with sacrifice and sharing.

3.  ‘Cherupushpa  Mission  League’ (CML),  for grades  4-8,  are geared to foster the missionary spirit, develop personality, and to promote vocation.

Every  First  Saturday,  The  Pious Association members have a Holy mass at 9:15 am followed by class and activities.  The special adoration at 12-12:30 pm is led under the spiritual guidance and leadership of our Vicar & Assistant Vicar and Pious Association Director, Sr. Jes- lin CMC, along with animators and leaders.

For the spiritual enrichment of the kids,  they actively take part in retreats,  cultural activities of the parish,  and liturgical events. With the help of spiritual leaders and animators,  children also host different activities and retreats for other parishes.