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Divine Academy of Learning


An educational institute under the Eparchy of Mississauga aims at the holistic development and Academic Excellence of Students.

The Eparchy of Mississauga started this institution under the non-profit charity vision to provide excellent supplementary education to the community at an affordable fee.


The academy aims at the strong foundations of the student in Core Subjects.  The academy has qualified, experienced and OCT certified teachers.  The academy offers supplementary education from grade 1 to 12 in all subjects including Mathematics, English, French, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Divine Academy of Learning has its own Curriculum prepared using experienced educators' expertise. The Academy has separate program for elementary school (Grade 1 to 8) , secondary school (Grade 9-12) and French.


Elementary School (Grade 1-8)  

Parents /students have the option to choose the Diagnostic (September), the First Term Assessment (January), and the Final assessment (June). Parents /students have the option to choose 1 to 5 pages of worksheets and worksheets to be evaluated every week. Academic Co-ordination: Academic activities are coordinated by OCT-certified teachers who have 25 years of experience in teaching, in which 15 years of experience is in the Ontario Public School Boards.


Secondary School (Grade 9-12)  

Divine Academy of Learning offers supplementary education assistance to all subjects in high school including Mathematics, French, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Classes are scheduled according to the format of school board system (semester/quadmester).


French Classes (Grade 1-12 and Adults)  

French classes are available for both adults and students all over Canada.


Classes will start in September and end in June.  For admissions and inquiries call (647)567-3434 or (647)991-9440.

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