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Feast of St. Joseph - 2023

 2023-04-10 20:04:02

Feast of St. Joseph (Parish & Catechism Department)

The Feast of St. Joseph was celebrated on Sunday, March 19, 2023. Rev. Fr. Boby Joy offered the solemn Holy Qurbana at St. Joseph H. S. on Credit View Rd at 10.15 am as the Church was closed for water line restoration. After the Qurbana, Mr. Raju Davis, one of the Kaikarans, greeted the pastor, Fr. Jose Alencherry, Fr. Boby and all other persons with the name Joseph. Mrs. Regeena Mathew, the other Kaikaran offered the bouquet and Sr. Prasanna, the Sunday School Principal, presented the Department’s gift. At noon the renovated Mission House was blessed by Mar Jose Kalluvelil. After the blessing, festal greetings and bouquet were offered to the bishop. The occasion was solemnized by cake cutting and lunch.

A solemn Holy Qurbana was conducted at St. Antony of Paduva Church in Brampton at 4.pm by the Pastor, Rev.Fr, Jose Alencherry. The St. Joseph’s Family Unit, Brampton sponsored the feast. ‘Uttunercha’ was done for the 400 participants after the Holy Qurbana. A Special thanks for the sponsors, St. Joseph Family Unit.


On March 19, 2023, we celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph, the patron of fathers, families, and the Universal Church. As his blessed name is also what our beloved Catechism Director has taken on, the Catechism Department decided to  congratulate  and convey our most sincere well wishes


As a token of the gratitude and love from everyone, the Catechism Department presented Fr. Jose a framed photo of the Catechism teachers, along with our wholehearted prayers for his continued health and many more years of faithful service for our Lord Jesus