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Mission House renovation

 2023-04-15 12:04:11

We all believe that renewing something over a period is inevitable and there is no difference for anything in the world. We also say that change is the only thing that doesn’t change but everything else goes through these processes and gets a new shape and form at some point. Most of these changes in our life are welcoming and inevitable. Moreover, it would be attractive to our eyes and will value in the future. When it comes to our houses, we, the Syro- Malabar Christians are descent in keeping our houses clean and beautiful as we value them so much. This is something we practice as an integral part of our culture. There is not much difference for us in Canada as well. We have brought that culture along with us to be exemplary here as well.


The first building that our church bought in Mississauga was the ‘Mission House’ in  June 2013, presently our Rectory. Recently, we noticed that we didn’t do any kind of renovation in it since we purchased this property. After we moved the chapel from the basement to the 2nd floor for the convenient use of pastors this year, the basement was barely used for any purpose. In this scenario, this was brought to the attention of the Parish Council and discussed the possible plans to make it useful in the future. The council took this with lots of detailed discussion and study and decided to do the renovation to make it a more livable space and hopefully appraise the value for the future.

As per the decisions of the council which was held on November 12, 2022, we invited quotes from different contractors, and we received three different quotes. We closely studied and selected the best as per our expectations and the capacity of the contractor. We agreed to award the work to the lowest quote, namely to our parishioner Mr. Sebastian Paily who have done a lot of work for the church and mission house at various times. Therefore, we did not have any hesitation to award this work to the same.

The progress of the work has been tremendous. We were so happy to see the advancements in all areas. As we believe and pray, “Lord, send your spirit to renew the face of the earth” the Holy spirit was with the work. The work was completed, and the blessing was fixed for March 19, 2023. Accordingly, the renovated Mission House was blessed by our bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil on March 19, 2023, at 12:30 PM. It was an added joy for all the parishioners as it was the feast day of Mar Jose Kalluvelil, Josachan, and Bobyachan. Fr. Jose Alencherry, Fr. Boby Joy, Trustees, Sisters, Parish Councillors, contractor Mr. Sebastian Paily & team, guests, and some parishioners were present during the blessing. A delicious lunch was served for all present.


The renovation mainly was on the floors where vinal replaced carpets, wooden stairs to the second floor, fixing a decent bedroom with a bathroom on the first floor, and building four bed rooms, a kitchenet and a full bath room in the basement. We are very grateful to Mr. Sebastian Paily and team for their dedicated work.

We recall that here was the beginning of our journey, and this is from where we sprouted and grew to the kind of church that we are today. “All Glory to God” is the motto of our eparchy and that seals it all here. As we know, this house used to be a church as well as a residence for our priests and now it just remains as the rectory. Our pioneers have a lot to say about it as their experiences and memories will speak up always. Our bishop rightly mentioned during the blessing that almost all sacraments were celebrated at our Mission House before we moved to our bigger church. Let us believe again that all will be renewed when it is time and according to the will of God.