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Parish Feast 2023

 2023-09-05 06:09:21

We successfully celebrated the feast of our parish patroness St. Alphonsa from July 21 to 30, 2023 at St. Alphonsa Syro- Malabar Catholic Cathedral, Mississauga. The parishioners wholeheartedly dedicated their time and effort to thank Lord Almighty for His abundant blessings and divine intervention through St. Alphonsa. His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil hoisted the flag on July 21st, 2023 at 7.15 pm which marked the beginning of the feast celebrations followed by Holy Qurbana and Novena. There were special intentions for the Holy Qurbana and Novena each day from July 21st to 30. Various family units took initiatives for the Bible readings and other voluntary activities each day.


The parish celebrated the Remembrance of Departed Souls on July 21st 2023. Members of St. Don Bosco and St. Anne's family units were specially remembered in the Holy Qurbana and Novena on this day. July 22nd was celebrated as Kids' Day. His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil celebrated the Holy Qurbana and Novena which started at 9 am. All the kids of our parish actively attended the Holy Qurbana and sought blessings from the Lord. Sweets and snacks were distributed to kids after Holy Qurbana by our Bishop. Blessing of Vehicles took place after. St. Michael and St. Catherine of Sienna family units coordinated the Liturgy of that day.


July 23rd was mainly dedicated for Grand Parents and Elderly. His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil offered the 8.30 am Holy Qurbana and Novena. There was special prayer and blessings for grandparents by His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil. Grandparents were deeply honored and were given flowers as a sign of love and respect in the gathering at St. Alphonsa Hall after church. St. Thomas and St. Peter family units helped over the church activities of that day. July 24th was specifically dedicated for the new immigrants. The 7 pm Holy Qurbana and Novena were celebrated by Rev. Fr. Janil Chakkiath. St. Mary's and Mother of Perpetual Help family units organized the church activities.

Sick and Nurses Day was celebrated on July 25th 2023. The Holy Qurbana was offered by Rev. Fr. Anish Alex at 7 pm. St. Francis of Assisi and Fatima Matha family units volunteered in altar services and other activities. July 26th was considered as Workers' Day. The Holy Qurbana and Novena were celebrated by Rev. Fr. Joyal Joseph. All the Laboure’s were specially remembered in prayers. St. Jerome, St. Augustine and St. Joseph family units actively participated in church services.

Youth Day was celebrated on July 27th. Rev. Fr. Jomon George offered Holy Qurbana at 7pm. Special prayers were dedicated for the youth of our parish. St. George and Holy family units contributed their valuable assistance. July 28th was Eucharistic Day. The Holy Qurbana and novena were solemnized by Rev. Fr. James Cherickal at 7pm and followed by Eucharistic Procession which was supervised by Rev. Fr. Anish Alex. The special intention was for the priests and the religious. St. Claire, St. Antony and St. Jude family units assisted in altar services.



 Family Day was celebrated on July 29th 2023. Holy Qurbana and Novena were solemnized by Rev. Fr. Tenson Paul at 5pm followed by Presudenthi Vazhcha and Roopam Ezhunnallikal. Cultural programs were organized outdoors at 7pm. Majority of the parishioners were present and enjoyed all the programs organized by our kids and youth.


Cultural Fest 2023




The Main Feast Day was celebrated on July 30th 2023 at 10.30 am. The Solemn Holy Qurbana was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Pathrose Champakara, Vicar General, Eparchy of Mississauga followed by Ladeenj, procession and Snehavirunnu (Agape). The parishioners actively cooperated in the procession and Agape. The procession started from the church and went around the parking lot. The procession was led by chendamelam and all the family units had actively participated in the procession. After the procession, the parishioners all participated in the Snehavirinu. The SMYM national team had run a lemonade stand with delicious and refreshing lemonade. The Perunal ended with the descending of the Kodi and a final prayer.