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Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Prasedium at St. Alphonsa Cathedral Mississauga was started on November 27, 2016, with the blessings of our Bishop Mar.  Jose Kalluvelil.  Our first Spiritual Director was Msgr. Sebastian Arikat and Spiritual Co-ordinator is Sr. Jeslin  Thalachira. At present, our Spiritual Director is Fr. Jacob  Edakalathur.  The Legion of Mary is known as the ‘Army of Mother Mary’ and our focus is to bring people closer to Jesus through Mother Mary by prayers. We gather weekly for prayers, monthly Commitium meetings, and yearly ‘Acies’ on a Saturday close to the Feast of Annunciation. The Acies is the most important legion function of the year, which presupposes an examination of our relationship to Mary.  During this consecration, we open our hearts to Mary, so that she may guide us and bless us through the year.   We bring the statue of our Mother Mary to our parishioners’ homes for prayers and encourage daily rosaries in the families.