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Divine Academy

Divine Academy has been established under the patronage of the Syro Malabar Eparchy of Mississauga to preserve cultural heritage, nurture talents, and spread the Word of God through the performing arts. The academy, through the cultural events

 ‘Sargasandhya 2015’ and ‘Sarga- sandhya 2017’, was instrumental in garnering the diverse talented members of the cathedral to showcase the biggest musical biblical drama ever performed abroad twice, viz.  ‘Ten Commandments’

 and ‘Exodus’. Similarly, the youth in our community performed the spectacular musical play ‘The Frozen’ in 2015 and the ‘Circle of life’

 in 2017.  ‘Act 4:12’ was a musical bonanza performed in 2018. These programs facilitated the development of talents, community building, and fundraising.

In 2020, the academy established a cultural conservatory, starting with the school of music at St. Alphonsa Cathedral with classes for instrumental music and vocals in eastern and western streams, including church music.  The academy is contemplating starting faculties in other stage performing arts as well as in assisting academic studies.